Hello & Welcome

Catherine Goron

Thank you for stopping by.

I'm Catherine, a photographer inspired by narratives on the street, poetry in nature and the constant pull of enchanting landscapes.

My work hangs in the homes of art collectors and small galleries around the world and has been used by brands and interior designers for digital portfolios, marketing campaigns, signage and promotional material. It was also featured on the BBC One series DIY SOS: The Big Build.

I've always been drawn to simple and immersive imagery. Since discovering the darkroom's magical capabilities of being able to transform what we see into what we feel, I always try to capture moments and subjects in a way that imbues them with emotion and poetry. Auguste Rodin, the French sculptor, said, “La Beaute est partout" (beauty is everywhere) - that is exactly what I feel and believe! So wherever I go, I always approach with curiosity and an exciting anticipation of a wonderful discovery ...an extraordinary angle of beauty, an entrancing fluidity or symmetry, a poetic detail in the ordinary, a story embedded in an image.

What does it mean to feel at home?

Over the past few years, in light of living in three very different cities (Washington, DC, Paris and now Seattle), I've been thinking a lot about the universal and deeply personal concept of home and what it means to feel at home. How do we store and unpack memories, how do these memories look (which I've tried to capture in this collection), and how do we create a home we love around these memories.

The cliché is true, home is where the heart is no matter the location. If where we lay our heads at night feels right, that's often enough. 

Photograph of Luminous Paris by Catherine Goron

But isn't it also true that our home, any space we inhabit, affects our well-being and what we surround ourselves with, matters. During my last two moves, the first things I unpacked aside from dishes and clothes were photographs. Pictures of my family, photos of familiar streets and gardens, favorite scenes from my travels... images that brought me joy and a sense of calm.

I find that at the end of the day, pictures that re-create or evoke lovely, joyful memories or maybe even transport us emotionally to that wonderful moment in the past play a large part in making our home feel... really Home! Above my desk hangs a photograph I took of a luminous Paris on one of my routine morning walks around the city, when sunlight soaked the flowers across Notre Dame with a wash of warm copper and gold. While navigating my way around my new surroundings, this familiar image grounds me and sort of lights my way.

Among the collection of photographs I’ve laid out here for you, I hope there will be one or two that will pull you in, that’ll say “let me grace your lovely home - let me welcome you warmly each time you walk through the door.”