About Me

participating fully through observation
Catherine Goron (photo by Catherine Paturet)
Hello and welcome. I’m Catherine, a fine art photographer based in Paris, France.

To me, photography is really a kind of reverence for the now. By recording the value of a single moment in one frame – whether it’s lovers on the Seine, the velvety bloom of a single peony or the ocean under a sleepy mist – it documents a scene that will never again play out in the exact same way.

What solidified my love for photography was developing film in the darkroom and watching images slowly emerge from the water like floating memories. It was captivating and magical. I felt deeply that this was what I wanted to pursue, photography that conveyed a sense of nostalgia and beauty and timelessness.

I hope my pictures resonate and connect with you in some way and invite you to linger a bit…



My photographs can be found on my blog, Instagram and galleries. Most of the photographs here are available for sale from my Etsy shop (as small and large format prints on museum quality paper using archival inks).

I’m also available for commission work and collaborations.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you