About Me

participating fully through observation
Hello and welcome. I’m Catherine, a fine art photographer based in Paris, France.

I use photography as a means to document and discover the subtleties of the world around me, to explore its nuances and stories. I am inspired by the poetry that unfolds before us at every turn.

My love of the still image began many years ago in the darkroom and continues today as a need and compulsion. Having been born in the Philippines, raised in the United States and now living in France, I’ve recently felt a desire to try and capture the idea of Home.

I invite you to visit my my blog, Instagram and galleries. Most of the photographs here are available for sale from my Etsy shop (as small and large format prints on museum quality paper using archival inks).

I’m also available for commission work and collaborations.

Thank you for stopping by!  I would love to hear from you